SODIUM ALGINATE

                    Molecular formula :C5H7O4COONa Molecular weight:216


                    1. In printing and textile industry.

                    a. Printing agent (sodium alginate for reactive printing,the viscosity from 50-1500cps,nice color,nice price)

                    It has been a long history that Sodium alginate is used in starching, packing and printing, mainly in printing. It was a reactive printing agent, has a special propety. During the chemical reaction of fibre and reactive dye, the dye is fixed in fibre and printing agent do not attend this reaction. Otherwise, the agent wili be fixed in the fibre and make it hard, fragile and bad color. If you use Sodium Alginate as a printing agent, it not only affects the dyeing reaction but also makes the product outline clear, color bright, felling smooth. THis agent is also suitable for cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibre. the products of medium and low viscosity fit for the printing requiements by net or roll style. Actually the printing agent mixed with low - viscosity Sodium Alginate is stabler than with the other viscosity, which is the results to produce a high content of printing agent. This agent will make a dense cover during drying and raise dyeing. How to use sodium alginate? We have enough experience and usage shown to you.

                    b. Synthetic fibre

                    Mix Sodium Alginate and asbestos shon fibre, then mixture solidify the by a solution of Calcium Acetate. This treatment can avoid Asbestos fibre of flying around to harm to health.

                    2.In other industry

                    Papermaking starching: When using the solution of Sodium Alginate replacing pan of Rosin as dispering agent of paper pulp of paper surface starching, it can make paper glooss and smooth, raise the absorption of printing ink, wax, soil and paper's pliability and tough.

                    Coating of the welding electrode:

                    The mixture of welding - coating powder and Sodium Alginate can stick and humify the coating of welding and make it easy to burn into ash and lighten flying during welding operation. In addition , Sodium Alginate can also apply to disposing of seeds, pesticide, antitoxin and antibitic.

                    3. In food industry

                    a: Stabilizer

                    As a stabilizer of ice cream replacing starch and carrageenan, Sodium Alginate can avoid of ice crystal and make the product tasty. It also applies to the mixed drinks, such as ice lolly, iced fruit juice and iced milk, etc. When adding some into dairy puoducts like refined cheese, canned cream and dry cheese, the final product will not stick to the package. Moreover, Sodium Alginate can keep the product fine and avoid of spliting open if it is used as a cover of mild food.

                    b: Thickener and emulsion

                    Sodium Alginate can raise the product's stabilization and decrease the liquid out when it is used in sala(a cold dish)flavoring, pudding(a sweet pstry)jam, tomato ketchup and the canned products.

                    c: Hydration

                    Sodium Alginate will make noodle, vermicelli or ice powder have a strong cohesiveness, pulling , bending and reduce breaking, special suitable in the less gluten content of wheat flour. SODIUM Alginate also can equal the products' internal form and hold water so that it can be kept for a long time. Adding some into iced sweet products, Sodium Alginate will come into being a protecting cover against heated quickly, and it can quiken the flavor sending forth, raise melting point of the products.

                    d: Coacervation

                    Sodium Alginate suits to make kinds of gel product, which can be kept the fine state, conleakge and contraction. So it also fits iced products and man - made produds. Using this specific propety, it can be used as a cover for fruit, meat and seaweed produds away from air and keep it stored longer. In addition, it also can be used as the sugar coating of bread, the cover of filling and cake and the auto-coagulant of canned food, which will not change in high/low temperature and acid conditions. It also can replace carrageenan to make a crystal son sugar, elastic, unsticky, transparent.

                    4.In medical industry

                    a. dental impression material

                    In the past dental impression material mainly used by the mixture of rubber and plaster. Recently it has been replaced by Sodium Alginate material. Theis material operates easily and the marks of printing accurately. Sodium Alginate material and Coagulant packed seperately. When using, mix them with water, them a few minitutes after a coagulum will come into being.

                    b. Hemostatic

                    The solution of Sodium Alginate will have a wadding sediment, which molecular structure is like thread. Making use of this mechanism, Sodium Alginate can be made into all kinds of hemostatic, such as hemostic gauze, hemostic cotton, scald gauze, spraying hemostatic, ect.

                    c. Preventing and exclusion from radioactive harmful metals

                    Sodium Algiante has a pecial function of exchanging for some elements. It not only can preventing from absorbing strontium but also have a cenain treatment against them. Taking some Sodium Alginate before or after absorbing strontium, then the radioactive element will be absorbed quickly and be drained away.

                    d. Salve, tablet and drugs

                    Using of the thickener and coacervation, Sodium Alginate can be made into all kinds of additive of medicines, such as Sulphur Paste mixed by Sodium Alginate and wool oil which can treat skin disease. Sodium Alginate can be mixed with sulphanilamide into eye ointment or with benzene mercury acetate into contraceptive jelly. If Sodium Alginate used as capsule for intestines, it can cause the medicine staying and absorbing longer in the intestines then have a good curative effect.


                    Item spec staudard
                    INDUSTRIAL GRADE:
                    SC/T 3401-1985
                    STANDARD OF FOOD ADDITIVE GB1976-80
                    GRAIN SIZE
                    30 MESH 100% PASS OF AS PER CONTRACT STIPULATED
                    VISCOSITY (mPa.s)
                    150 or to the contract req.
                    MOISTURE %
                    CaCONTENT %
                    ASH CONTENT %
                    30-37(SULPHATE ASH)
                    INSOLUBLE MATTER IN WATER %
                    TRANSPARENCY cm
                    COMPLY TO STIPULATED
                    HEAVY METAL %
                    ARSENATE %
                    LEAD %

                    Packing of Products:



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